Humble Potato Chips

Humble Potato Chips Humble Beginning...

About ten years ago, they shifted to a more sustainable lifestyle – consuming more organic food and being more selective about all the products they purchased. Sometimes, they would have to compromise in cost or taste, but they couldn’t deny that they were feeling better not just about what we chose to put in their bodies, but how they were also lessening our footprint on the world. Our choices did not stop there. They both started to be more selective in their livelihoods, each migrating their experience in packaged foods to Natural and Organic food companies, all the while becoming more conscious of the painfully slow adoption of sustainable packaging in the entire consumer packaged goods industry.

Someone somewhere had to be willing to take the next step forward and progress sustainable packaging. “If nobody else is going to do it”, they began to wonder, “why not us?”

They realized that if they combined our food industry experience, they could be the first company to provide both plastic-free compostable packaging and fun, savoury, healthier snack options too – without compromise. And instead of charging more money for the innovation, they would sacrifice our margins so that the chips would be comparably priced to traditional chips on the shelves beside them.

Our products allow people to make a difference for their wellness and for the planet - without changing their snack buying experience.

They chose to call our company Humble because they don’t profess that this is our journey alone. And they certainly don’t profess to know everything. But they do know it takes the passion, commitment, and stewardship of the many like-minded people waiting for someone –like them - to start the ball rolling. On the inside, our potato chips elevate the snacking experience. On the outside, their packaging helps reduce our footprint on the world.

Market Fresh Guelph is thrilled to carry this delicious new local product from Puslinch, ON on our shelves. We might be biased but local just tastes better, and is better for the environment!