Pfenning's Organic Farms

Family Farmed, Organic, Local Produce

Pfenning's Organic Farms is a local, family farm that has been growing the healthiest variety of organic produce since 1981 in New Hamburg, Ontario, with food safety as a top priority.  Although, the Pfenning's family farming started long before, dating back into the late 1600s!  With faring in their blood, the Pfenning's think "local first", while also focusing on family and community building.

On the farm they grow organic vegetables. from carrots to kale and everything in between including grains and legumes.  They have also extended the values of organic farming into thier packing facilities by using energy efficient technology in the packing houses and environmentally-friendly packing.  For example, the netting on theit onion bags is biodegradable, the bags they use are recyclable, and they are always looking for more environmental friendly options.

The Market Fresh team has been long time partners with Pfenning's, as their values of local love, team dynamic, and hard work align with ours.  We had the privilege of visiting one of ten farm fields in New Hamburg to get our own hands dirty with the Pfenning's team to experience the organic, hand harvesting, cleaning and farming for ourselves.  Depending on the season, some items like cilantro, may even harvest just the day before you purchase it in-store, at MF!