The Better Food Co

Market Fresh's Executive Chef Jason Hanoski has partnered with The Better Food Company to produce a delicious meal for a great cause! 

The Better Food Co is a social enterprise and part of Hope House Guelph, a poverty relief agency that provides services to anyone in need, whether they are employed or not. Every month The Better Food Co partners with a local chef to raise funds for their food market and farm land. Read more about it from Jason's interview with CBC News.

In June 2023, Chef Jason Hanoski served Sesame Arancini With Garlic Green Beans - a vegetarian and gluten-free dish! Arancini is a classic Italian dish, often served as street food. It is a great way to make sure that food doesn't go to waste as it is often made from leftover risotto, and can be stuffed with any number of ingredients from cheeses like mozzarella or goat cheese, or fresh vegetables like peas or tomatoes. It is generally breaded and deep fried, but our gluten-free version opted to crust our rice balls in sesame seeds and bake them until crispy and delicious.

Better Food Co Aranchini

Meet Our Executive Chef

Market Fresh Chef Jason Hanoski

Executive Chef Jason Hanoski has been working in the food service industry for the better part of two decades. In the last year he took over the role of Executive Chef at Market Fresh in Guelph. From fine dining to comfort food, Jason is an expert of using seasonal and local ingredients to suit any desired menu needs. As an experienced restaurant and large-scale catering chef, as well as an accomplished baker and pastry chef, Jason brings a highly varied skill set to the Market Fresh Kitchen and all the delicious meals produced in house.

Jason also enjoys giving back to the community as often as he can. He volunteered to partner with The Better Food Co and create a healthy meal that supports our community. When you purchase a meal, 100% of your money is invested back into our community. Proceeds support their Food Market and Community Farm, which grows over 15,000 pounds of produce every year to feed those who need it.

A Message From Chef Jason

Better Food Co
"I'm fairly new to the Guelph region, and I am so honoured that my team and I at Market Fresh were asked to participate in such a valuable program. I am looking forward to spending some time with the volunteers and community members and hopefully learning what else I can do to feed or support those in our community that need it. More and more it seems that healthy, nutritious food is increasingly out of reach, especially for those who are financially less fortunate. We can't expect ourselves, our neighbours, or our children to thrive if they're not getting adequate nutrition. Good, healthy food needs to be available to everyone, and projects like this one are needed to fill in the gaps." ~ Chef Jason