5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Local

Local food is fresher and it tastes better.

Have you ever pulled a raspberry or cherry tomato right off the plant and eaten it? Heavenly, right?  Fresh, local, seasonal produce is delicious and satisfying to eat because it’s at the peak of perfection.  When you have great ingredients, food doesn’t have to be complicated.  You can let the ingredients shine, feel inspired and celebrate the season.

Local food is healthier.

Local food is fresher and that means healthier.  Locally grown fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak ripeness when they have the most nutrients.  In addition they start losing nutrients after being picked, so fresh produce is more nutritious.


Local food is better for the environment.

Local food doesn’t have to travel as far.  It has a lighter carbon footprint; less gasoline, less refrigeration, and less packaging needed for a long journey. 

Local food boosts the local economy.

Buying local food has a positive economic impact 3 times greater than buying imported food (Source:  Statistics Canada).  When you shop locally, your money returns to the local economy - which keeps local businesses in business and creates more jobs in the region.

Local food connects communities.

Local food builds connected communities.  It connects us to the seasons, the land and to our farmers and local food producers.  It gives us insight in our region, making it more accessible.  Connection strengthens communities.