Making Change by Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Bags at our Checkout

On May 1st we stopped offering single-use plastic bags at our checkout because reducing plastic waste is one of the most pressing issues of our time.  Plastic is a durable and functional way to protect our food and to carry goods - but that same durability means it can accumulate and persist in our landfills, waterways and ecosystems for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.  Market Fresh has always been committed to reducing our impact on the environment and this change was the next step for us.  

We have always known that our customers care about the environment and protecting our planet for future generations.  As we had hoped, the transition was smooth.  Our customers were happy to work with us in adopting BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) and other sustainable alternatives.  We offered paper bags and compostable bags at the check-out and introduced a line of reusable cloth bags, insulated bags and cotton mesh produce bags.

Change needs a catalyst and often doesn’t happen without a little extra effort - but over time change becomes normal and easy.  That's why we will continue to put processes in place that make it easier to reduce, reuse and recycle and we were so grateful to our customers for always joining us in making positive changes.  Small actions really do add up!