Our Favourite Early Spring Vegetables

Each spring we eagerly watch the soil as temperatures rise, days grow longer, shoots peer out from the earth, buds form on trees, birds chirp and bees buzz.  Life begins anew.

I once read that in France, they drink a toast to first-of-the-season produce, like people welcoming old friends.  It’s so good to know you and see you again and enjoy your company - I’ve missed you.  It’s romantic, I know - and for many foodies - it’s how we feel when we see these local early spring vegetables.


Local asparagus is a real treat in the spring - especially when they are in season.  They’re sweet and crisp and equally good raw or cooked.  We recommend keeping dishes simple to showcase the flavour of these freshly picked shoots.


Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of the ostrich fern, harvested early in the season for use as a vegetable before the frond has opened. They have a tender texture and slightly nutty flavour. Sauté or steam to enjoy a delightful taste of spring.


Ramps are native to the woodlands of North America - and one of the first to appear in the spring.  They are wild onions but look like scallions.  They are fantastic thinly sliced and scattered in salads, or sautéed with scrambled eggs or hash browns.


Rhubarb with its ruby red slightly tart stalks is often referred to as the pie plant.  It is fantastic in desserts; crumbles, jams, and compotes but it’s equally delicious in drinks and savoury dishes.  Think spritzers and sparklers, chicken in rhubarb sauce and pickled.

Look for these local favourites in-store mid-May through early June.