Truffle Aioli

Effortlessly turn a perfectly fine meal into one that is extraordinary.
A gorgeous mustard, spicy honey, interesting jar of pickles or scrumptious sauce can take an everyday dish and turn it into something special. Incorporating a delightful addition uplifts a regular protein, starch and veg meal while still keeping the vibe relaxed. It makes the day-to-day feel celebratory. What more could you want?

This truffle aioli is an easy-to-put-together yet decadent little extra that elevates potatoes, salmon, sandwiches, steak, burgers and so much more. With just 4 ingredients it’s sure to become part of your regular rotation.

Truffle oil is a wonderful pantry item that adds a rich umami taste to dishes to make them sing -and it’s a good bang for your buck stretching further and lasting longer than fresh truffles. As a bonus - it’s healthy too! It combats inflammation, reduces cancer risk and promotes cardiovascular health. It can also help improve brain function, aid in weight loss and delay signs of aging.

Kosher salt is the least salty of salts with a very clean flavour, having no metallic or iodine aftertaste like some table salts. It’s also coarser so it provides an accurate measurement because it doesn’t clump the way table salt can. You can buy it in big boxes making it affordable, then simply decant some into your favourite pinch bowl so you can always have it on hand.

½ cup Primal Kitchen Mayo
1 garlic clove, minced
1 ½ tsp truffle oil
½ tsp kosher salt

Optional: flaked sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Mix mayonnaise, garlic, truffle oil and salt together in a bowl.
Optional: Sprinkle a pinch of flaked sea salt and freshly ground pepper on top.